Tumi ‘Return Of The King’ album review

Tumi has always been a dope MC, and he made sure that he kept the crown with his latest solo offering, ‘Return Of The King’.


Getting AKA to rap on the introductory track called ‘Return Of The King’ when Tumi was featured on AKA’s latest album on an introductory track with the same title as the album, was the most dopest move ever!!!

With songs like ‘Visa’, which has a catchy rhythm and a whole lot of facetious punchlines, I couldn’t help but listen to it a couple of times (12 times to be specific) that’s how much I like the song. Then you get songs like ‘Broke People’ and ‘Rob The Church’, that will get you thinking about social and religious issues.

As a Tumi fan, my favourite song has to be ‘G65’, were Fredy Massamba kills the chorus with some vibey foreign language bars and the king spits about his close friends / business partners/ industry mates getting the dopest and latest Mercs and him buying his wife an A-Class Merc.

The only disappointment I had was him having old songs like ‘Broke People’ and ‘I’m Killing’, while leaving out songs like ‘Hello Kitty’ and probably some new songs we don’t know about.

All in all ‘Return Of The King’ is a great album, one of a few Hip Hop albums that can compete for a spot in the Hip Hop album of the year category.


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