A difference in time, pt 1-2


Often the youth of today fall under criticism of having lost their moral compass and tradition.

Judged, at times shunned by the elder generation and considered immature children that are born free and pay no respect to the past.

This is not entirely true nor is a lie, because there are some youth of today who chose to know nothing of their history and in this regard of ignorance disrespect a historic period of liberation to the Afrikan.

Is it OUR history the try to teach us or is it a predated past that futurized original man as 3/5th s of a human being in order of dominance by the controller because―

We taught them the Sciences, they theorized its fiction.

We read to them from scripture they pirated it,

We built them cities they demolished them,

We brought them gold’s and mineral they extorted it,

We spoke to them in tongue they misinterpreted it.

We preached of the ancestors from stars they idolized it,

We even lead them to promise land but they enslaved it.


Having gotten into debates and factual(s) with the heroes of yesterday and the crowned leaders of today,  we sit down with Asive, Lebogang, Sibusiso, Mathaba , discussing how we have to be complacent to similar powers of a governance that shows an oppressive nature towards the “Lazy” Generation.

So are  we mentally freed or and what about financial liberation, does that define the modern day Afrikan?


Here is what our inspiring young leaders had to say,


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