a passage to dance



On the 28th of March  Protest Art and The Constitution Hill in Braamfontein had A Human Rights Exhibition that saw many art forms in collaboration such as a fashion runway that was incorporated with a theater monologue, dance pieced performances that rehearsed the work of photographs by Kgomotso Neto Tleane and Hoek Van Swaratlhe, Live music and a market exposition which ran throughout the whole procession of protesting the use or misuse of human rights experienced by everyday people.

Highlighted is the dance segment that was choreographed by Keaoleboga Kea Nkashe who is a 20 year old student at the University of Johannesburg from Itsoseng, 30 minutes away form Mafikeng and Reotshepile Emelda Mhulatshi a 21 year old female dancer from the West of Johannesburg.



Keaoleboga Kea Nkashe.


Aspiring to become an actress and to express herself more through dance Keaoleboga began her journey when she was just 9 years old with ballet.

Introduced to Hip Hop later through joining a dance crew that started her off on contemporary dance, training to encounter her with theater which drew her further in love with the arts.




“Dance to me means freedom of expression, as my body is my powerhouse…”




“…its  another means of communication, deeper than average talk,”



“…I feel like dancing is soul to soul exchange of each other.”



Reotshepile Emelda Mhulatshi.

Who also started dancing from a young age as motivation to keep her away from the streets, admits to not yet being professional but making her moves through dance hoping for it to be more than just a hobby, by her performing for events such as Protest Arts ‘Human Rights to create” and the “SYP organisation” she collaborates with different artists to bring out her ability to perform.




Growing up for Reotshepile was filled with the most jubilation as her Mothers friend would always visit her and play music they danced to, that kind of guided her seeking happiness in dance.



“I have always had a soft spot for dancing, It’s something I grew up doing…feeling more at peace, happier because I get to create something in the pursuit of how it makes me feel




Keaoleboga draws her inspiration from basic people and their experiences and Reotshepiles passion of love for dance keeps both these young ladies going irrespective of the minimum opportunities of cultural related activities in South Africa availed to any young women of color.

The work was able to show sides of society’s imperfections and beauty together with the profound eye of the photographs; an opportunity to recreate yourself shared among the collective lot who learned of these invisible or seen struggles today and how their embraced through a working succession of life, of art! whether its in the corner of the street or a photograph or stance to a bow.

Its coming together fore creation adds a powerful expressive meaning to life from an event, we artists peruse.





To see more of these ladies journey through dance you can follow them online on Instagram@ IREP_KEA and Facebook “Kealoboga Kea Nkashe”

And Facebook Reo Mhulatshi or Instagram Reo777

 —photography by Ramoloti Kganakga

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