‘Be The Champion’ Project in Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School

Its not really easy going to school and trying to promote a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, it cannot be done by just any individual. You need a committed and well positioned team to pull it through, that is why we have projects like the ‘Be The Champion‘ Projects which has put in a lot of dedication and commitment and has been doing a super great job so far.


Be The Champion’ is a project carried by ETA Sports Management second year students, a project committed to develop physical and sports activities in Tsirisano Mmogo primary school in Cosmo City.  From April – November 2016 the project will be implemented in the school, we aim to get more students to participate in sports at school, so as to help build a healthy and fit Cosmo City community.

The whole purpose of the ‘Be The Champion‘ project is to create an active community through physical activities and sports in Cosmo City. Which will bring change to how learners eat on a daily basis (they should avoid eating fatty foods with too much sugar or salt), improve their thinking in the classroom and out doors psychologically, boost their self esteem and confidence. The community will definitely see them as an example on how to live a healthy lifestyle and by that, students from different age groups will be more interactive (improving their social skills).


The ‘Be The Champion‘ team will be going to the schools every week, twice or once a week for an hour anytime between 12 : 30 – 14 : 30. Bare in mind that they will not practice anything that is against the school norms.

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Contacts :

Mondli Dube (Project Manager) – 081 303 2909

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  1. s.dube
    s.dube says:

    This is really good, thnx to you , thnx to Eta , it will contribute a lot in changing the students s mindsets towards sports and in their health too

  2. Sameerah
    Sameerah says:

    Great project guys. It is good to see that you are pro-active in giving back to the community. I think you have started a great initiative at this school and hope to see it succeed and continue in years to come.

  3. siviwe
    siviwe says:

    Great project guys it’s so nice to see people who still care about the youth and promotion of physical activities. I hope you get everything you need for the project. Thank you!!!!!!

  4. khabazela
    khabazela says:

    this project is best for the children. help kids grow to be better athletes and develop their skills. it can also be seen as a tool to gather the kids and deprive them from going to drugs’

  5. Refiloe
    Refiloe says:

    This is a very great idea because you guys are promoting physical education and sports at a disadvantaged school

  6. Refiloe
    Refiloe says:

    This is a very great idea because you guys are promoting physical education and sports at a disadvantaged school 🙂

  7. Mbusi Tetwayo
    Mbusi Tetwayo says:

    this is a great initiative for the community at large bringing sports to disadvantaged pupils great work, may u carry on up lifting the community.

  8. Mbali Mthithala
    Mbali Mthithala says:

    this program is great for the development of sports in this disadvantaged school and the children enjoy this program and are eager to learn more about sports

  9. Thaka Mphahlele
    Thaka Mphahlele says:

    Very very good initiative from the guys. Choosing a school like this and taking on a project of this magnitude is absolutely brave and encouraging. hope all bodes well for you guys and hope you guys make a difference in these kids life

  10. Mpho Mphuthi
    Mpho Mphuthi says:

    Big ups to you guys, this is a great intuitive. Youngsters helping others has been a problem in our society, its good to see that their are people to don’t just care by mouth but by action as well. More of “YOU” and our land will be a better place. Keep it up Mondli 🙂


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