The Heads of David Goliath International

Meet the two people who also try by all means to make the Forex trading work as they are giving classes of the Forex through their institution David Goliath International (DGI).
David Goliath International is a company founded on the principles STRENGTH & FAITH in VICTORY, BEYOND your CIRCUMSTANCE. Goliath was a giant, the embodiment of STRENGTH, and no one could defeat him.
The DGI tackles the following Services:
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Foreign Exchange &
  • Mind Engineering
The DGI is a specialist service provider in the Forex space, delivering high impact services to companies & individuals. Their services range from consulting, sales, as well as knowledge & intelligence management. Theyconsult for companies that need growth, or strategic solutions to bottle-necks. They give specialized Intel to clients based on research and analysis from reliable sources of data.
China Nhlapho-Chief Operations Officer and James Mofokeng-Chief Executive Officer

China Nhlapho-Chief Operations Officer and James Mofokeng-Chief Executive Officer

An interview progress with the CEO and COO of David Goliath International:


  • When did you start trading and what made you start trading?

James: “I Started trading in 2011, I was introduced by a business associate who provided me with training and also gave me a chance to present at his seminars. At the time people were not as excited about Forex as much as they are today, so we started trading CFD’s and stocks. Later in 2013 I started trading Forex, and and have been focusing on it solely since then.”

China: “I started trading in early 2015. I was taught by my partner James Mofokeng and have never looked back ever since.”


  • What is your idea of the word “trader”?

A trader is any individual who understands the markets and buys and sells what the markets have to offer to make his/her profit. In terms of Forex Trading the definition still stands and I would add on by saying the individuals should have ability to analyse the Forex Market or currencies pairs, either fundamentally or technically.”

A trader is an individual that is able to capitalize in a good or bad economic climate, and well equipped with financial knowledge & expertise.


  • Do you have classes? If yes, where can people find you for registrations?


Our Classes are held at the Maboneng Precinct were our company offices are. Please see addresses below. 20 Kruger Street, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.


  • How do you separate your classes from the competitor’s classes?

Firstly our course/classes include both fundamental and Technical trading. We always advise our clients to have training on both to keep their money safe from market “Surprises”. A fundamental trader knows what’s happening around the world, they know when to trade and most importantly WHEN NOT TO TRADE. A technical trader know how to analyse the history of the different markets and use indicators etc. to make trade decisions, every trader needs both. Our competitors do one or the other. We have specifically  simplified everything into everyday English, so that all expertise levels can readily learn.


  • How do great traders go about finding their approach to the markets? What would you say sets them apart?

A great trader should have both both fundamental and technical knowledge. With both then it is important that they stay up to date with economic and inflation news affecting the currency they trade. The markets are unstable at times and we have learnt that to survive and stay ahead continuous research is necessary.


  • Is it enough to “find the right suit size” so to speak?

It is important to clients but not to us. We want our clients to be the people that are able to choose any suit size that they want and not worry about the price tag.


  • What about managing risk?

The good thing is that Trading is not like gambling, the trading platforms, at least most have tools that assist clients manage risk to the money, we also share our own strategies,  all our clients are carefully taught on how to manage their risk properly and spreading that risk, rather than putting their eggs in one basket , well you would have to sign up first.


  • So self-knowledge, having an edge, risk management, and discipline are the qualities that set these traders apart?

Yes, with the added positive outlook on life and personal finance. Like our company motto illustrates “The Sky Is the Beginning”, that attitude is what sets the standard of good from the great. And don’t forget good research.”


  • What advice would you give to non-professionals who would like to start trading

“Find a well experienced mentor, and don’t open a live position unless you know what you are doing.”

Stay away from investment schemes that are not regulated, Forex is a market not a company. Come through to our free class, come in to our offices for assistance & take our classes to unlock your world of financial freedom.


If you would like to be part of the family, register now and join the classes



20 Kruger Str, 4th Floor
The Main Change Building
Maboneng Precinct
City & Suburban


Contact details:
Company no: 011 075 4465
James Mofokeng – CEO & Executive Head (Strategic Consulting)
Contact no: 078 042 5852
China Nhlapho – Executive Head (Mind Engineering)
Contact no: 076 118 0759


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