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South African’s PipCoin real or not.

“Ref Wayne is a scam”, says his associate, Thulani Maphiliba. People have been doing the PipCoin business since February with out any complains, would the Story by Mr Maphiliba be true or not.

Thulani Maphiliba released his side of the experience on PipCoin a few days ago from Whatsapp Unknown Source which is very disturbing for the people who have invested in PipCoin. Although it seems so true, it is also so hard to believe since these guys work so close together and this has no straight facts. The community is so confused now since he released the statement


Thulani Maphiliba

“All of you know by know that I have been talking about a syndicate that has been trying to silence me to an extend whereby I was threatened and my emails and Facebook accounts was hacked. Well all this time I’ve been silence cause I had to wait for the right time. But that time has come. Ref Wayne and a selected few are the ones behind all the threats and the hacking of my accounts. This was after I had a very long meeting with him and those behind PipCoin scam where I informed them that I had gathered enough information and facts that they were robbing unsuspecting citizens of their hard earned money. I have solid proof that the lavish lifestyle and all the spots cars a house and atc that Ref owns is not money made from Forex but rather it’s the money that people have invested in PipCoin that he uses to maintain his lifestyle. And by the way not everything he has claimed to own is true.


  1. There is no private Jet it’s all a lie.
  2. He only owns one property in Fourways that he bought with your money just recently.
  3. The current house that he lives in at Willowbrook is a rented house.
  4. PipCoin has no servers – only his laptop and that of his cofounder whereby they control everything and yet claim that the system is decentralised (not true).
  5. PipCoin is not a cryptocurrency but an illusion sold to people to convince them otherwise. If you can look closely – PipCoin was just a copy of MMM Just with a few adjustments added to it.

Now how did he direct all your monies to his accounts. They have multiple bank accounts with different names and this are his syndicate that moves the monies on his behalf. And eventually the money ends up on his personal bank accounts. I already have two people that have come forward and are willing to testify that their accounts were also used to ship money around. His greatest skill was to play on people’s emotions by promising them everything for free (well if you think it was for free, then ill tell you now. It was all paid for from the money that you all have invested in the PipCoin scam. The car that was bought for Mr Bayanda Gobingca was only to win your hearts and to get you all exited, since after that many people flocked into PipCoin scam hoping for financial freedom not knowing that they were giving away their monies for which I was one of them that got excited. The only people that have received free cars from him are mostly his family members and everything else was an illusion sold to you. If you have received any car or house from Ref Wayne then let me see your hands up. I bet you not even one hand will go up. Last person that was told he won a house, to this day he is still calling and his calls are ignored as someone annoying (sad to say). This young man is not intelligent no – he is a scam artist and very wicked. For your information the claims about the Ref Wayne Shaman fake account (he is behind it). And the reason why he fake his own account was to maintain and illusion that he is an angel and eventually he was going to use that as an excuse why PipCoin has collapsed.

He claims to be the youngest Billionaire – well the anti corruption unit is about to expose that lie too. This man and his co-founders have stolen from you. They have defrauded you and made a total fool of fellow South African. And I Thulani Maphiliba (The Chosen One) am saying enough is enough. I am now coming forward because I have gathered enough evidence and prof his crimes and lies. I’m sorry to the people that have lost money to this scam but I have to make sure that from today. No body else loses money to this young fellow Ref Wayne. As a Matter of fact I have already opened a case of fraud with the anti fraud unit and I was permitted to make this public announcement. I’m totally Heart broken – I thought finally this was going to change live. But I was wrong – it is destroying live. And it has to end now. If I die tonight – so be it. I have served my purpose. It’s all in your hands now.”

The link below proves that the PIPCOIN CryptoCurrency exists and has been fully operational. If you have a PIPCOIN account then you will be getting all the updates


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