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South African Local Elections 2016

The local elections are currently proceeding in SA and people are overly excited and could not wait to cast their votes. Only one problem now is that there are 3 lions battling it out which are ANC, DA and EFF, and they are causing a lot of confusion within the society. Confusion caused by the effort that is put when the of the elections is closer being different from the effort after the elections. These parties go all out when it comes to campaigning but have different results after. Hopefully the next party we vote for will do things differently

Local elections decide who runs local councils, which are also sometimes referred to as local authorities. Councils control things like council housing, rubbish collection, recycling, parking, transport, roads and footpaths, parks, leisure centres and libraries.

People are currently voting, if you have not voted yet, think about the decision you are about to make. It is important that you make the right decision.

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