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The position of woman in power is changing as more and more of them grow in courage to speak out on issues they face and overcome. This we can see through the arts where their narratives are being heard.


My Sister Kwazi is a young black female architect/aspiring to be a fine art student, who considers herself a free thinker that believes in helping each other by helping others. This however is proving not be easy for her personally because of the history of black women In South Africa and in plight.


Where they suffer the most in this society as the family construct in black communities was broken by slavery. This left an almost eternal effect on how black communities see themselves; how the black men were demeaned and their wives mistreated.


It’s been more than 20 years since South Africa’s democracy and a growing number of people are starting to realize the fallacy of this free and fair society.


Our women are seen leading the forefront of narratives that have been muted over the years, and question their positions not only in South Africa’s history but one of a whole patriarchal world, where their identity is not just a south Africa one but an African sum.


Kwazi represents the new age revolution of woman who face such stereotypes and prejudices head on from influences of how she was brought up and where she wants to go.



As an aspiring fine art student; movements like the fine objects movement which is art created form undisguised but often modified objects that aren’t considered art because their functionality is already predefined, her and I drew curation from and created pieces that resemble objects that are objectified just like how women have been by men’s’ predefinition, to reanimated herself in reflection of her own identity and the outlook in which she projects herself as a woman of society.

9Through still frames and the use of animated GIFs, Kwazi’s journey since birth to the growing woman she is today, is captured through a timeline from her childhood pictures; inanimate as an old photo book can be, to her finding animation in her becoming of womanhood.

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As a young man who is borne into a black family from a womb of history that is made up of discrimination I am also a victim to perceptions of seeing women in vulnerable positions but in collaborating with Kwazi I broke away from what society has misconceived as the true roles women play.


We both hope to achieve absolute emancipation from how women are treated by men in black families by instilling a relationship that sees both sexes in equal harmony13

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