Water Dragons Swimming Academy

We at the Water Dragon Swimming Academy would like to welcome every student and parent to enjoy the experience, knowledge and exercises that swimming holds for each and every one of us.


The objective of our swimming lessons varies from pupil age and group, and therefore careful training needs to be given to ensure that each pupil exceeds at his/her best rate.

We as coaches will strive to teach all our students to the best of their swimming ability hence its learn to swim or basic stroke correction.

We acknowledge every pupil group or school as one of those outstanding accelerating performers therefore it will be a privilege to occupy your swimming department, as we believe we can grow good swimmers.

Striving to do the best in teaching our students to be the best they can is our motto for we believe a healthy strong body equals a healthy strong mind.

Thanking you.

Coaches of the Water Dragon Swimming Academy.

Water Dragons Swimming Academy

The following is a category list of different programmes groups and prices that we offer at the water dragon swimming academy.


Single lessons:

Single lessons will be offered on a daily basis. This only means that the pupil applying for the lesson will have only one lesson. Therefore a contract will not be issued to the pupil.

Price: R 85.00 per lesson.


Double lessons:

Double lessons will be offered on a daily basis. This only means that the pupil will attend swimming lessons twice a month. A contract has to be signed by coach and pupil.

Price: R160.00

Quad lessons:

Quad lessons will be also offered on a daily basis. This only means that the pupil will attend swimming lessons four times a month.

Price: R 320.00

Monthly lessons:

Monthly lessons consists of eight lessons a month, the eight lessons will be divided into two lessons a week. If the month has five weeks the price of the monthly payment stays the same.

Price: R500.00



Water Dragons Swimming Academy

School lessons:

School lessons will be held on a daily basis depending on the day that is convenient for the school. School lessons will be held from 9am to 1pm. If after school swimming needs to take place it must be arranged with the coaches so that it will not collide with their swimming training with pupils. Each school will be able to make use of the swimming programme once a week if the school agrees to book for more than one lesson a week it must first be discussed with the coaches to see if there is no other schools booked for that day of the week.

Price: R600.00 per day



We hope that the following schedule is not to confusing, please feel free to question us about schedules, training days and prices. As a parent we encourage you to join in and ask questions about the lessons, if you don’t understand what we are doing. We encourage parents to participate in the swimming programme to ensure your child and give him/her motivation to increase their swimming performance.

We as coaches at the water dragons swimming academy thank each and every one of you for applying, and if you did not apply, considering us as a swimming academy for yourselves or your children. God bless and thank you once more.

FOR BOOKING CALL : 081 586 4186 or Whatsapp 0614207817


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