Special Olympics South African athletes attend the 2017 Macau Golf Masters invitational games

Special Olympics South Africa athletes David Van de Reet (level 2 golfer), Alan Ankiewicz and Tom Lugg both (level 5 golfers) have been selected to attend the 06th annual Special Olympics Golf Masters in Macau. This event is biggest Golf tournament for people with intellectual disabilities

The Macau Special Olympics Golf Masters was created to enhance the awareness of people with intellectual disabilities by connecting the local business society with Special Olympics athletes from around the world. This demonstrating the local society through golf while creating awareness, fighting against isolation, discrimination and most importantly gaining acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2016, we had 23 countries from across the globe participate in the Golf Masters Invitational Games in Macau.

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From April 17th- 21st more than 25 countries will come together to participate in a seven day programme which will consist of golf games, workshops, entertainment and an international get- together to exchange knowledge and experiences for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The event is a test of skill designed to give Special Olympics athletes from around the world a chance to compete on an international level in one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world ever seen.
This year individual skills will be shown in an exhibition gaming format that invites local university students taking part and competing with Special Olympics athletes in order to enhance interaction, showing how colourful life can be and how inspiring it is to communicate and connect with each other by participating in spontaneous sports activities.

Updated information about the Special Olympics Golf Masters can be found on its Facebook page.


About Special Olympics South Africa
Special Olympics South Africa provides all year round training and competition opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.



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