Afropunk Solutions sessions with Professor Angela Davis


Afropunk hosted a live solutions session at Constitutional Hill on the 30th of December where people came together to have a conversation about how to be a revelotionary with the host of the Solutions sessions podcast Bridget Todd as the host of the live session.

Professor Angela Davis was the guest of honor and had a sit down with feminist writer/journalist Gail Smith. Professor Davis was asked when did she realise the United States, she received a standing ovation before getting answering the question with how she was on the FBI 10 most wanted list, being in jail and charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy, how the works came together and that moment and movement got her to the point that she is today.

When Professor Davis talked about the dimensions of racism, and how police violence is increasingly popular all around the world she  referenced the Marikana Shooting that happened on the 16th of  August 2012, it is a problem of the system and that  parties involved were black people.

When asked about her interview with Winnie Mandela she told the story of her visit to the Mandela house in Soweto and that Winnie Mandela was the representative of the struggle again apartheid and never thought of her differently because of her charges.

With the room filled with those that follow and admire Professor Davis, it was an amazing exto be surrounded by those that are willing to make a revelotionary out of themselves and help those around them that need someone to fight for them like Professor Davis did back then.

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