A nostalgic throwback to some of HHP’S musical gems

One of the ways of honoring someone is cherishing the work or legacy they’ve left behind. A giant like HHP who has an extensive library of songs that have made us dance during our good days, and some that have given us courage through our worst days makes it difficult for one to choose their favorite.

HHP working his magic on stage.


However here are some of our favorite HHP songs that have stood out and shown his lyrical proficiency in no order of preference.



HHP had an effortless ability to make a sing along song and still maintain his Hip Hop personality. The song shook us all when it had everybody chanting “Bosso ke mang” in taxis and in every other space where the song was played. Although it had a comical nature, it still became prominent and went on to become one of the songs that would shape the motswako sound.


One of HHP’s earliest hits, this song almost crossed genres between Kwaito and Rap. On the song he references an old school Kwaito line from ‘Trompies’… “Wabona rhyming, i began it when i was this tall, then i got this tall…nou die laas se ke le this tall”. A perfect way to warm your way in into the South African music market. The visuals that accompanied the song introduced to us a Jabba who had no problem with embracing where you come from. Shot in the township, it shows people making the best of what they have, all the while embracing the summer heat with their favorite past time, singing and dancing.



To alternate from Tswana and English was a thing HHP could do very well. This allowed him to cater for almost every culture and ethnic background. Which is a problem for most artists who may easily box themselves into one market because of the language barrier problem. Mpitse is a party tune. With the hook basically being something one would say when asking for a party invite, except in this song it is extremely musical and is on brand with any other party anthem.



Music has the power to heal and unite the masses, when used correctly. ’Harambe’ being the swahili word for “Let’s come together”, was a song which let us all in on the vision that HHP had not only for all musicians, but for all Africans. Swahili is one of the most used languages in Africa, for Jabba to have everyone singing along in one universal language, was a step towards unifying us all through the power of music The words “Bambisanani” (hold on together), are the perfect way to end a song which its sole purpose is to unify.



To take a classic international old school song and make it your own isn’t all too easy. In this old school sample of ‘imagination’s – Music and Lights’ ( The British music trio), HHP owned it and added to it a unique South African twist where we almost forgot that it was a sample. One of the songs that cemented HHP as a versatile rapper. Not only that, his flow is effortless and lyricly astounding.


South Africa has lost a giant. We will forever mourn and cherish this ’legendary status’ musician. He made us dance and brought us all together as Africans with the power of his pen and unforgettable words.

Let us know in the comments which HHP songs we may have missed and still stand out for you.


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