When it comes to HIP HOP and sexuality, it’s been very black and white, no grey area whatsoever. Male Rappers have always made references to being attracted to women and Female rappers have always made references to being attracted to men. However, if the recent Jaden Smith and Tyler the creator video is anything to go by, times have definitely changed. For a rapper to publicly come out and say a guy is their boyfriend?, it still seems like the quickest way to decreasing your street cred.


Let’s look at Jaden Smith. At age seventeen he was already modelling out womenswear collections and publicly ‘destroying gender roles’. In 2016 Jaden Smith was the face of a Louis Vuitton women’s line campaign and pictures of him wearing skirts and “women clothing” surfaced all over the internet. Jaden Smith has never been one to submit to cultural norms and binary stereotypes. So for him to publicly own Tyler the Creator as his boyfriend?, isn’t a hard concept to chew down. “I just want to teach people to be comfortable, stop being so scared”, Jaden once said in one of his interviews.


Tyler The Creator on the other hand also has an extensive history of not submitting to any gender stereotypes. With lines like “I been kissing white boys since 2004” and “You can give me some markers and I’ll draw you a closet”, he has also been one to confuse his fans. Although he’s seen denying what Jaden is saying in the recent viral video, him coming out as a gay men wouldn’t be all that surprising.


What’s most important in all of this is where the genre is going with regards to the tolerance of gay people and gay culture. The new wave of Hip Hop seems to be embracing any form of sexual orientation they seem comfortable with.


Is it high time that the hip hop audience gained some education on the different kinds of sexual affiliations that exist?. Will we see derogatory terms like faggot being eliminated in rap songs and rap battles in the future?. Our guess is that the more rappers gain honesty with their sexuality, the more education their fans will gain on homosexuality and the ever changing customs of the new world

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