“PUMA and the Land of Games”: New virtual place on Roblox for PUMA fans to connect and compete

New minigames feature Roblox new Layered Clothing technology giving players ability to mix and match PUMA outfits

Cape Town, South Africa, May 23 rd , 2022 – PUMA launches in partnership with Wonder
Works studio a vibrant and immersive sports-based experience on Roblox, a global online
platform connecting millions of people through shared experiences. PUMA and the Land of
Games experience features Roblox newest Layered Clothing technology where players can
customise their characters with hyperrealistic clothing that fits any avatar body type and wear
PUMA from head to toe. As they explore the experience, fans will unlock new zones and
additional PUMA sportswear pieces.

“PUMA and the Land of Games” offers the global Roblox community to bring out their inner
athlete through sports mini games and training activities like lifting weights and track running.
This immersive experience gives an insight to what it is like to sign with the PUMA brand as an

“We’re excited to bring an engaging and fun sports experience to the Roblox community,” said
Adam Petrick, PUMA’s Chief Brand Officer. “The new Layered Clothing technology allows
players to express their creativity and style enabling our brand to create greater synergies
between the physical and digital world.”

The three minigames that will be launched are Endless Runner, Football Rush and Dodgeball
Showdown. In Endless Runner, competitors will do their best to avoid obstacles to try to remain
on the track before the ‘beast’ gets to them. In Football Rush fans will utilize different power ups

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as they try to score as many goals as they can. And in Dodgeball Showdown, players will
showcase their dodging and throwing abilities in a simulation of the classic playground game.

With a fun-first focus “PUMA and the Land of Games” aims to deliver a compelling gameplay
that promotes both – ambition and creativity.

For more information, please click HERE.

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