One of the forerunners of urban wear once said, “It is illegal to be naked, but it’s not illegal to not listen to music”. These are the words of rapper turned fashion influencer, Kanye West. In this month of November we will be ushering in our new ‘Style-Tips-Tuesday’ where we will be profiling fashion forward individuals every Tuesday. They will also be sharing a few style tips and some insight on how one can be more ‘fashion friendly’.


For our first Style-Tips-Tuesday, we had a chat with one of Joburg’s fashion enthusiasts Moroetsana Serame who is originally from Klerksdorp in the North-West.  She is currently living in Johannesburg and is a contributor for an online magazine. Moroetsana has a degree in Bcom Law from the University currently known as Rhodes.

Moroetsana Serame


With the summer upon us, experimenting with colour and patterns becomes much easier when done right..”experiment with colour and fabric, get out of your comfort zone and try something new”, she says.

To be fashion forward means you might be spending money more than usual since trends and seasons come and go. But what happens when your budget isn’t that great but still want to look proper?.

According to Moroetsana, one should “look for specials and clearance sales in your favorite stores especially around the 15th”… She goes on to add “reinvent your clothes if you’re broke like me and can’t afford to buy new clothes for the summer. Turn your old denim jeans or pants into shorts, oversized long skirts into mini’s , long blazers into cropped jackets and coat-style dresses.”

It has certainly been a long year and now that December is around the corner summer picnics and visits to the coast will be a thing. Everyone will be out in the Sun. But unfortunately the Sun is not always favorable to our skin…”suncare is self-care. Use sunscreen generously and wear wide-brimmed hats to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun”, Moroetsana advises.

In the midst of all the shopping and gift sharing during the festive season, our bodies are usually the ones that pay the price. She says, “Sweating is a real problem in the summer especially when you have make up on. You can make DIY setting spray using aloe vera water and other ingredients in your home.”

These are our style tips fo this week courtesy of Moroetsana Serame. Want to add on some more meat?. Feel free to drop a comment below with some of your style hacks and tips.

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