Afropunk Joburg festival

Before the the event Afropunk held a solutions sessions where professor Davis said ” Movements do really make a difference, in the way we think about the world,  the way we think about the future, the way we think about  revolution, and the way we think about what is possible.”

Afropunk is a movement that is making a difference in many people’s lives. It is an event where people are allowed to be who they are, It has started a culture of freedom, acceptance, love and togetherness. Those that attended the festival did exactly that by expressing their freedom to be who and what they are through their extravagant outfits and colourful make up.

Afropunk Joburg delivered an amazing show, hosted by the beautiful Nandi Madida who said ” with Afropunk you can do whatever and it’s a great way to celebrate the new year” and that she wants her kids to know they are free when it comes to expressing themselves in any way . Nandi was alongside the energetic Jorge “Gitoo” Wright. On the stage acts like Sho Madjozi, Busiswa, DBN Gogo and Jazzi disciples to name a few, had the crowd screaming and dancing while Kwani Experience, Urban village and Morena Leraba served the crowd with homey, jazzy, cultural music.

The international acts were a whole mood as the crowd sang along to their hit jams, moods were set when Nao hit the stage while Miguel put the punk in Afropunk with his outfit and performance. Goldlink delivered a whole show as the crowd jumped up and down to his jams, while Masego got the ladies going crazy with his hits. The show ended with the Amazing Solange Knowles who just took the audience to another place of pure love and joy. The stage looked great with her back up singers, band and dancers giving us a show.

Afropunk Joburg festival 2019 was an amazing experience and what a way to start a new year, with the sponsors making it possible as well as those that attended.

Do visit the Afropunk website and follow @Afropunk on social media to see pictures of what was happening at the festival, and other festival dates and locations.

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