Cape Town, South Africa, 21 st of June – Designer, artist and upcycling master Nicole
McLaughlin frankly spoke about the sacrifices and challenges she faced in her career in a “She
Moves Us” video conversation for sports company PUMA.

”People think that the fashion industry is very much female led when in actuality it’s a lot male
conversations that are driving everything that we are seeing in terms of design and fashion,“
Nicole said. “And especially within the streetwear space, I find that I’m usually the only female in
the room at times.”

With her designs Nicole focuses on sustainable pieces of art, for example when she
transformed old PUMA football gloves into a jacket. Her main advice to young female designers
is to “be confident in the ideas that you have. People want to hear your story. They want to get
to know you and what inspires you. Feel comfortable to talk about it, talk about the hardships, all
the things that you faced and be comfortable sharing those things with other people because a
lot of the time people have gone through the same things as you.”

“She Moves Us” wants to empower and inspire girls and young women by sharing stories and to
celebrate women who move together to achieve and connect – through sport, culture and
values.  The platform is inspired by global pop-star and PUMA Ambassador Dua Lipa who said:
"Sharing stories of success is all part of changing the narrative, especially in fields like sports
and entertainment that have tended to amplify the accomplishments of men. Women are
already nailing it across the board and celebrating their achievements is exciting and
empowering. It also encourages those rising up to aim for the stars.”

PUMA has an inclusive product offering to cater for women and girls in sport: underwear and
activewear, modest sportswear, a maternity offering and performance specific products
exclusively engineered for women. PUMA supports all athletes to perform at the highest level
and works with organizations and partners committed to remove barriers in sports.

For the full Nicole McLaughlin “She Moves Us” video interview

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